Friday, August 15, 2008

Is GDI A Scam? My Review

I like this review posted by Author: Kellen Bell at

Just like most people I watched the video and was instantly hooked. A home business that didn't really require any real "business". Just do what you do everyday, recommend something that you found useful or helpful. Now You probably did it countless times this month, telling friends about a great movie or restaurant. Did anybody cut you a check ?

So after hearing this and thinking about it, I said why not i'll give it a try forGDI a month and see how it goes. I figured even if it sucks and I can't get get one person, I at least have a website and domain name for ten bucks a month.

Signing up was easy and straight-forward, I like that because this means it's easier to convert visitors. I picked a domain name that was keyword friendly and focuses on the topic of my site, I recommend you do the same (helps in search engines). Next, I started to build my site, I already had a site that I wanted to put up. If I didn't GDI provides about fifty professional templates that I could have used for free.

Next, I decided to start working on promoting GDI, this being the reason that I started in the first place. I began promoting a few days after signing up. I started with safelist, which brought a few leads but no signups. Looking back I made the mistake of not using contact solo ads to safelist. These are the most effective for safelist, I use them myself every now and then still. Then, I tried traffic exchanges. They resulted in a whole lot of hits but once again no signups! I was starting to doubt this "automated" system that GDI claimed to have in place.

Struggling to understand how all of these people that were claiming to make fortunes did it, I started reading the forums. I found a bunch of ads that some of the GDI professionals used and were proven. I was surprised how friendly the "heavy-hitters" were, always answering my questions and helping me get off to a good start.

I read that ezine advertising was one of the best ways to generate leads and signups so I decided to give it a try. I tried one of those ad-coops where I spent $10 and they put my classified ad in like twenty ezines. The results wasn't what I was expecting, since the ad was supposedly sent to 160k subscribers and I ended up with a few leads and one signup.

Almost feeling discouraged and thinking about writing this off as a failure, I decided to run one more ad. This time I placed a contact solo using one of the professional ads that I got from the forums. The response was great, I had over twenty leads and six signups from one ad! GDI gave me a $100 bonus for signing up five people in one week.

Without saying, this brought my confidence in the program back. I finally figured out the secret to advertising this program, ezine contact solos but these are kind of expensive so I had to find a cheaper way of making money with this program. I tried top sponsor ads, which worked about the same as solos but cheaper giving me my winner.

Now, it's been about a month and a half and I have around 25 people in my downline that I directly sponsored, and once they start recruiting my downline will explode. I've been paid once already, which it came right on schedule as promised. So in conclusion, I recommend GDI to anyone who is looking for a easy home biz that doesn't cost much to get started.

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Monday, August 11, 2008

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Saturday, August 2, 2008

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