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Friday, October 24, 2008

Multiple Income Stream Turn-Key Cash Kits

Making money online comes down to having a
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The Incredible Pay-Per-Lead Program

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Review of Traffic Secrets Unleashed

A brand new traffic manual has just hit the shelves that you have to check out immediately.

Traffic Secrets Unleashed by Jason Oickle promises to deliver all the secrets you need to know if you want to generate a constant flow of high quality visitors to any of your websites with very little effort on your part.

Does it live up to it's promises?

In one word... YES!

I have just finished reading Jason's new manual and I was literally glued to the pages from cover to cover.

This really is a pure beef, no filler manual and it is packed to the brim with everything you need to know to get some real visitors to your site.

Here is a just small taste of what awaits you:

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

What Is An Autoresponder?

In its simplest form, an Autoresponder is a system that sends automatic replies to requests for information. Requests can come via email or an online form.

What are some of the ways you can use your AutoResponders?

1. Add a subscription form to your website to convert website visitors into targeted prospects for your offers.

2. Publish a weekly ezine and add a subscription form to your website to gather subscribers.

3. Offer additional tips and training to current customers.

4. Send out training information to your sales team.

5. Broadcast special offers such as coupons.

6. Send out announcements to promote special events.

7. Send product update information or new product releases.

8. Send out pre-written sales letters as a method of follow-up.

9. Send out service reminders.

10. Build, manage, and profit from your own in-house mailing lists.

This list could go on and on. The possibilities are virtually limitless.

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

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Friday, September 19, 2008

No One Can Control What They Cannot Predict

There exists an
understanding among con men, comedians, stage magicians and mind
control experts that comes down to a simple axiom.

"Now one can defend against what they can cannot predict."

This is how comedians make you laugh. They allow you to assume one
thing and then shock you into laughter with another.

Con men come out of the blue, never telling their mark that they are
going to con them and steal their money.

Stage magicians use misdirection that causes their audience to assume
one thing while something else entirely is taking place.

Guerilla War of Minds

Mind Control, the covert attempt to influencing others thoughts, is no
different. You are required to create a context where the subject will
naturally assume what you want them to without ever having to say it
overtly. So something that seems to come "out of the blue" can be of
great benefit.

There are two benefits to this strategy. First, it will aid the subject
to draw their own conclusion. Second, it will stop them from making
their usual assumptions and create what is called in NLP a "pattern

Pattern Interrupt

Think about all the things that you do that are habitual, a handshake,
opening a door, reacting to something pleasant or disturbing. All these
are patterns engrained deeply into thought and behavior. When they are
interrupted the usual thought process stops. For example you reach to
open a door and it's actually locked. Or when you extend your right
hand to offer a handshake and the person reaches with his left hand to
complete the handshake.

In each of these cases we are brought from our usual pattern to one
that does not match our expectations.

Creating Mystery

Doing this well on a regular basis in various subtle and not- so-subtle
ways will elicit several types of responses from people. The most
general response is that they will separate you from the norm of people
that they experience, but that happens with crazy and annoying people
all the time. The key here is to do it in a way that envelops you in a
sense of mystery. Having that sense of mystery combined with a supreme
sense of confidence creates a unique attraction from those you wish to
effect. Think about it, there is something mysterious and comforting
about you. That's a nice combination.

How do you do that?

* Work outside others experience. You can do this alluding to things
that you know but that are secret. Saying with a kind smile "I don't
think I know you well enough." will create the proper patter interrupt
and make them more open to you.

* Unfold the extraordinary from the ordinary. Describe ordinary things
as if there is something much deeper within them. An ash tray can be
symbolism for how we burn away the things that don't help us. A doorway
represent stepping into a new awareness. A room can represent a special
place with the mind where we hold our deeper thoughts.

* Act crazy. This should be done infrequently but can have a dramatic
effect if the person has a strong rapport with and you set the context
of your "craziness" as being very personal and serious. When the
"craziness" is complete act as if nothing happened. This may risk
shocking the person into fear or bind them closer to you in trust so
caution must be taken.

* Keep moving. Don't rest on your laurels. Continue to think of subtle
ways to interrupt peoples consistent more thinking. Humor will be one
of your best allies here because itis the most socially acceptable form
of pattern interrupt.

The best way to "rise above" in this manner is to present everything
that usual to their experience and nothing that is ordinarily.

To learn more about the field of mind control. In itself mind control
is neither good nor evil but a tool that can and should be used for
self improvement.


Monday, September 15, 2008

How an internet newbie made $3311.40 in 24 hours.

I just came back from my meeting with Calvin Woon, an internet newbie who made $3311.40 in just 24 hours. I’m going to show you exactly how he did it.

Here’s a summary of how he did it……


The basic idea is he offered a software at Warrior Special Offer (aka WSO) and 100 marketers took up the offer. After some time, he offered a blow out sale (basically a software bundle) to these 100 marketers in his list and made $3311.40 in less than 24 hours.

Sounds simple? No quite because there are a few important factors that contributed to his success. Let me go through the details now:


Sunday, September 14, 2008


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Saturday, September 13, 2008

An easy way to make extra money from your websites.

Today I’m going to show you an extremely easy way to make extra money from your website.

In short, the trick is to sell links on your website.

Let me show you how I do it……

I have more than 50 content-based websites earning me thousands of dollars every month from Adsense. But some of these websites are not getting much traffic and they probably only make $10 a month. What can you do if you are in such a situation?

More than a year ago, I came across a service that allowed me to sell links on my websites. I thought since some of my websites are not making much money, why not sell links on these websites and make some extra money?
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Initially, I was only thinking of making a few more dollars from each website, but it turned out that I was able to make $20 - $30 from each website every month. No bad for an extra income.

Who can sell links on their websites?

Your website must have at least a PR 1 in order for you to sell links. That’s not too hard isn’t it?

The price of each link varies according to the pagerank. Here’s a break down of the pricing:

PageRank (PR) 1 homepage $.50 , subpage $.50
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PageRank (PR) 5 homepage $4.50 , subpage $3.50
PageRank (PR) 6 homepage $12.50 , subpage $10
PageRank (PR) 7 homepage $30 , subpage $25
PageRank (PR) 8 homepage $75 , subpage $50

I know the pricing doesn’t look attractive to you. That was what I thought initially. But you know what, for each of your webpage, they actually place as many as 10 links on each page!
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Just do the maths yourself. It’s not hard to earn extra $20 - $30 from your website.

Things to consider before selling links

I need to WARN you that if your websites are getting good traffic from the search engines, you should not sell links on these websites, at least not on the homepage. This is because Google has announced that they will penalize websites that sell links. If you are caught, the pagerank of your website will be reduced.

Having said that, honestly, after selling text links on some of my low traffic websites for more than a year, I can confidently say that the PR of my website is not affected at all.

But it’s better to be safe than to be sorry. That’s why for me, I only sell links on websites that are not getting much traffic from the search engines.

Another type of website that I like to sell links are squeeze pages. Squeeze pages usually only have 3 - 5 pages and they typically don’t rank well in search engines. You can easily make extra $20 a month selling links on these pages.
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$20 a month is not a lot of money. But if you have 10 - 20 of these websites, that’s a few thousand extra dollars every year, enough to cover one of my vacations.

Monday, September 8, 2008

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Is GDI A Scam? My Review

I like this review posted by Author: Kellen Bell at

Just like most people I watched the video and was instantly hooked. A home business that didn't really require any real "business". Just do what you do everyday, recommend something that you found useful or helpful. Now You probably did it countless times this month, telling friends about a great movie or restaurant. Did anybody cut you a check ?

So after hearing this and thinking about it, I said why not i'll give it a try forGDI a month and see how it goes. I figured even if it sucks and I can't get get one person, I at least have a website and domain name for ten bucks a month.

Signing up was easy and straight-forward, I like that because this means it's easier to convert visitors. I picked a domain name that was keyword friendly and focuses on the topic of my site, I recommend you do the same (helps in search engines). Next, I started to build my site, I already had a site that I wanted to put up. If I didn't GDI provides about fifty professional templates that I could have used for free.

Next, I decided to start working on promoting GDI, this being the reason that I started in the first place. I began promoting a few days after signing up. I started with safelist, which brought a few leads but no signups. Looking back I made the mistake of not using contact solo ads to safelist. These are the most effective for safelist, I use them myself every now and then still. Then, I tried traffic exchanges. They resulted in a whole lot of hits but once again no signups! I was starting to doubt this "automated" system that GDI claimed to have in place.

Struggling to understand how all of these people that were claiming to make fortunes did it, I started reading the forums. I found a bunch of ads that some of the GDI professionals used and were proven. I was surprised how friendly the "heavy-hitters" were, always answering my questions and helping me get off to a good start.

I read that ezine advertising was one of the best ways to generate leads and signups so I decided to give it a try. I tried one of those ad-coops where I spent $10 and they put my classified ad in like twenty ezines. The results wasn't what I was expecting, since the ad was supposedly sent to 160k subscribers and I ended up with a few leads and one signup.

Almost feeling discouraged and thinking about writing this off as a failure, I decided to run one more ad. This time I placed a contact solo using one of the professional ads that I got from the forums. The response was great, I had over twenty leads and six signups from one ad! GDI gave me a $100 bonus for signing up five people in one week.

Without saying, this brought my confidence in the program back. I finally figured out the secret to advertising this program, ezine contact solos but these are kind of expensive so I had to find a cheaper way of making money with this program. I tried top sponsor ads, which worked about the same as solos but cheaper giving me my winner.

Now, it's been about a month and a half and I have around 25 people in my downline that I directly sponsored, and once they start recruiting my downline will explode. I've been paid once already, which it came right on schedule as promised. So in conclusion, I recommend GDI to anyone who is looking for a easy home biz that doesn't cost much to get started.

Recently I joined GDI
You too can have a look at it..GDI

Monday, August 11, 2008

money is in the list

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Earn 10$

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Link to free copy of $100+ link exchange script

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

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Earn Money by watching video clips

BuzzShed is a community of members who discover and share great videos, and make some money watching video advertising. As a member you can add videos to BuzzShed,then other members will rate your video using our Buzz or Bury rating system - creating buzz about the videos that really rock, and burying the rest. So if you're hunting for quality videos, have a look around BuzzShed. The more buzz a video gets the higher it appears on our browse pages, and the top videos are promoted to the front page for all visitors to see. And now for the twist! BuzzShed is more than just social bookmarking for videos. Some BuzzShed members are in fact advertisers that pay other members to watch their videos. That's right - as a member you'll get paid to watch videos!
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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Earn Money from Clickbank Mall

Most of the products (sites) in your Mall offer commission from 50% to 75%.
So, if a product price is $100 and commission is 75%, you can earn $75.
Similarly, you can earn commissions from all the products in your Mall, Search Results and Ads.
You can earn money without your own web sites or Blogs.
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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Make Money by Predicting Future Events

Predictify provides a simple, fun way to engage in current and future newsworthy topics. Users can find events that interest them, predict the outcome, build a reputation based on accuracy, and even get paid real money when they’re right! Best of all, it’s free – no points or bets required

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Make Money Online Selling Your Digital Camera Photos

Want to turn your digital camera into a fun and rewarding hobby that can put some extra cash in your pocket? Sell your photos!

Taking photos with your digital camera is a great and FREE way to earn some ongoing residual income because you get to earn cash over and over each time someone downloads one of your photos or images.

Wait-a-sec, before you start sweating-it, you don’t have to be a professional photographer — not even close! If you’re able to take half-way decent photos, you can do this! I know first-hand that anyone, with a little practice, can make some extra money with their digital camera. And since you’ll simply be uploading all of your photos from your digital camera to the Internet, you don’t need any fancy printers or photography equipment.

Now, to get you started…

There are many sites that will pay you for your photos. Browse the following company sites :
Make 50 cents up to 60 dollars per download! If approved, your photos are added to …when users download them, you earn cash. We mail checks or make payment to you via Paypal or MoneyBookers. That’s it! Upload a couple hundred popular photos and you could find you have a nice recurring monthly income on your hands.
We get a wide variety of users subscribing - and the more images you have, the more you can make! The .25 payout adds up fast - for example, if your pictures are downloaded 1000 times over the course of a month, you will receive $250 for that month! If you make $250 per month, That’s $3000 per year off of photos that would normally be collecting dust on your hard disk!
Once you have accumulated at least $50 in earnings we will either send you a check or Paypal deposit, at your request. Sounds pretty easy, doesn’t it? So join up today and start earning money on your photography today!
All you have to do is signup and upload your photos. We handle the rest. How much does it cost? Signing up and uploading your photos is Free. We handle all of the sales, promotion and customer support and take 65% commission from every photo you sell. When do I get paid? Your profit from the sales of your photos is paid to you once a month.
Sell your stock images and get 50-80% from each sale you make. Join our powerful photo community and reach new stock photography markets.
Snap, send and sell at Scoopt. Each time we make a sale, we pay you a 40% royalty. If we don’t think we can market your photos, we’ll tell you quickly.
Sell your stock. Contribute your own images, illustrations, and video, for sale on iStock. Visit our training page, and start selling digital stock images to the largest design community in the world.
Photostockplus is a revolutionary concept that allow you to upload and sell your work online. We actively promote the stock database and our photographers to a wide variety of buyers guaranteeing you worldwide exposure. We provide you with the tools and client base to be successful; you keep 85% of the profits.

Shutterpoint.comJoin ShutterPoint and make money from selling your images.
CameraDollars is a program that teaches you how to make money with your digital camera.

Sign up and register for accounts with at least 2 or more of the above sites/companies. This way you’ll be able to compare site and earning results. Don’t be afraid to register with several sites - you’ll increase your earning potential by gaining greater exposure.

Take the time to seek out and read the invaluable tutorials, instructions and tips that are provided on the sites you’ve registered with. Although these sites are similar, each has their own specific rules and guidelines for accepted photos, etc…

Aim, shoot, upload your photos and get paid! Good luck!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

10 Killer Internet Companies That Want To Pay You to Write

by Nelson Doyle, Mar 13, 2008

Its every writer’s dream to make money doing exactly what they already enjoy doing. The Internet has created new opportunities for writers around the world to express themselves and get paid for doing exactly that, to write.
Its every writer's dream to make money doing exactly what they already enjoy doing. The Internet has created new opportunities for writers around the world to express themselves and get paid for doing exactly that, to write.

The Internet has made it possible for ordinary people like yourself to write and make money from the very thing that you already enjoy doing. Webmasters are consistently on the lookout to partner with eager writers that desire to share their passions with other people around the world. Most smart webmasters have already learned that in order to attract and maintain a healthy population of amazing authors is to share the ad revenue or just pay them well for their services.

Personally, I have always enjoyed writing and have equally enjoyed helping my fellow writers locate the very best writing opportunities available online and offline. By working together we all can achieve some measure of success and readership for our works. This is exactly the main reason for writing these types of articles for me. I just enjoy watching people succeed.

Some of the following opportunities I have personal, first-hand experience writing for or dealing with and I have included a mention regarding the programs that I am currently involve with and/or have written for or dealt with in the past. Honestly, I only have a finite amount of time to write and for me, writing for no more than a couple of services in all I can manage effectively.

If you would like to learn about other writing opportunities that I have written about in the past, then check out Five Fantastic Freelance Websites for Writers Earning an Income honest living doing exactly what makes you happy.

I can personally testify that Triond has one of the very best writing programs on the Internet, today. Writers can write about practically anything subject under-the-sun within the boundaries of common sense. Triond rewards their writers 50% of the ad revenues that is generated from the author's published articles. I have never had any problems getting paid and in my personal experience, I have been paid very well.

StoryMashThis is a relatively new website to me, but after visiting and checking things out I can see the potential in participating in this program. StoryMash is a community of like-minded writers that write and publish stories one chapter at a time. Once the writer's chapter is published, and then other writers can write the next chapter in any way that they choose to write it. So, the stories at StoryMash start with the first chapter written by you, and then after that the story may have five second chapter and so on. You get paid at least 50% of all third party ad revenue. You must have a Google Adsense Account, so that you can earn money in the StoryMash program.

XombaWrite Xombytes for Xomba and earn real cash monies from the ad revenue earned from the things that you write. Xomba members must have a Google Adsense Account, so that they can earn money in the program. Xomba pays 50% of the ad revenue generated from the articles and blogs that you write.

If you are writer that enjoys sharing your opinion about the movies that you watch or the music that you listen to or about the commercial products that you normally purchase, then ReviewParty is a program that you should seriously consider. It is very simple, just write reviews about the products that you currently use and get paid for sharing your opinions. ReviewParty pays 50% of the ad revenue that your review(s) generate through Google Adsense, but you must have a Google Adsense Account to participate in the program.

Earn $1.00 for earn insightful tip that you write and is accepted by Daytipper and published. Share what you know with people who want to know what you know.

CREAMaidThis service lets you meet other bloggers with similar interests as you, and make money while doing it. Write an interesting blog about anything that you are interest in as long as they abide in accordance to the CREAMaid writing guidelines and rules. It is not clear how much of the ad revenue is shared in part of the royalty program, but by writing a couple of blogs I am sure you will learn what it is exactly.

LetterRepThe LetterRep program pays writers to write letters that are designed to sell to companies or individuals who are in need of professionally written letters to be used as possible mail outs or other marketing needs. Writers are paid every time a LetterRep client purchases or request one of the letters that you have had published through LetterRep. The payouts vary depending on the type of request that you receive.

ReviewStreamReviewStream is consistently seeking writers to write comprehensive and professionally written product reviews. Writers can write about any commercial product that they choose to write about, but it is always best to have actually used the products before writing a review about it. Writers can earn up to $2.00 per accepted review and an additional 10 cents for every vote that their review receives from actual visitors. There are some writing guidelines to consider before beginning the program, so be sure to take time to read them carefully. I have personal experience writing for this company and I know first hand that you can potentially earn a nice second income, if you work at it long enough.

FeedtheVillageWriters earn money simply by sharing your knowledge, advice, opinions and life experiences with others who will read what you have written for FeedtheVillage. It is not perfectly clear how much you can potentially earn using this program, but I am sure with a little time this question can be answered.

Now, I find this program really quite interesting as there are many ways to earn money through this website. However, this article is strictly about writing opportunities where eager writers can earn money from the things that they write, so here is what I know about this program. Writers get paid to write articles in the English language and can earn additional bonuses for the accumulate clickthru received through your membership. Like I have already mentioned this is not the only way to start making money in this program, so you may want to check them all out once you have some extra free time to spare.

Monday, April 28, 2008

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By now I'm sure you've heard some great things about Matt Callen's new viral marketing and website building software, HyperVRE.

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But if not, I wanted to fill you in on what all the great talk is about, and tell you briefly about some of the new features that Matt's added to the latest update to HyperVRE.

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