Thursday, September 25, 2008

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Friday, September 19, 2008

No One Can Control What They Cannot Predict

There exists an
understanding among con men, comedians, stage magicians and mind
control experts that comes down to a simple axiom.

"Now one can defend against what they can cannot predict."

This is how comedians make you laugh. They allow you to assume one
thing and then shock you into laughter with another.

Con men come out of the blue, never telling their mark that they are
going to con them and steal their money.

Stage magicians use misdirection that causes their audience to assume
one thing while something else entirely is taking place.

Guerilla War of Minds

Mind Control, the covert attempt to influencing others thoughts, is no
different. You are required to create a context where the subject will
naturally assume what you want them to without ever having to say it
overtly. So something that seems to come "out of the blue" can be of
great benefit.

There are two benefits to this strategy. First, it will aid the subject
to draw their own conclusion. Second, it will stop them from making
their usual assumptions and create what is called in NLP a "pattern

Pattern Interrupt

Think about all the things that you do that are habitual, a handshake,
opening a door, reacting to something pleasant or disturbing. All these
are patterns engrained deeply into thought and behavior. When they are
interrupted the usual thought process stops. For example you reach to
open a door and it's actually locked. Or when you extend your right
hand to offer a handshake and the person reaches with his left hand to
complete the handshake.

In each of these cases we are brought from our usual pattern to one
that does not match our expectations.

Creating Mystery

Doing this well on a regular basis in various subtle and not- so-subtle
ways will elicit several types of responses from people. The most
general response is that they will separate you from the norm of people
that they experience, but that happens with crazy and annoying people
all the time. The key here is to do it in a way that envelops you in a
sense of mystery. Having that sense of mystery combined with a supreme
sense of confidence creates a unique attraction from those you wish to
effect. Think about it, there is something mysterious and comforting
about you. That's a nice combination.

How do you do that?

* Work outside others experience. You can do this alluding to things
that you know but that are secret. Saying with a kind smile "I don't
think I know you well enough." will create the proper patter interrupt
and make them more open to you.

* Unfold the extraordinary from the ordinary. Describe ordinary things
as if there is something much deeper within them. An ash tray can be
symbolism for how we burn away the things that don't help us. A doorway
represent stepping into a new awareness. A room can represent a special
place with the mind where we hold our deeper thoughts.

* Act crazy. This should be done infrequently but can have a dramatic
effect if the person has a strong rapport with and you set the context
of your "craziness" as being very personal and serious. When the
"craziness" is complete act as if nothing happened. This may risk
shocking the person into fear or bind them closer to you in trust so
caution must be taken.

* Keep moving. Don't rest on your laurels. Continue to think of subtle
ways to interrupt peoples consistent more thinking. Humor will be one
of your best allies here because itis the most socially acceptable form
of pattern interrupt.

The best way to "rise above" in this manner is to present everything
that usual to their experience and nothing that is ordinarily.

To learn more about the field of mind control. In itself mind control
is neither good nor evil but a tool that can and should be used for
self improvement.


Monday, September 15, 2008

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Sunday, September 14, 2008


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Saturday, September 13, 2008

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Things to consider before selling links

I need to WARN you that if your websites are getting good traffic from the search engines, you should not sell links on these websites, at least not on the homepage. This is because Google has announced that they will penalize websites that sell links. If you are caught, the pagerank of your website will be reduced.

Having said that, honestly, after selling text links on some of my low traffic websites for more than a year, I can confidently say that the PR of my website is not affected at all.

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Monday, September 8, 2008

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