Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Free Money Team

join freemoneyteam

1. Join ALL the programs listed in the "Get Paid to Click",
"Get Paid for Free" and "Get Free Traffic" listings.

2. Update all your IDs in the box located beside each of
these programs. Don't forget to click on the "Update" button
at the very bottom of the page.

3. Use the "Get Free Traffic" programs to promote your
Free Money Team URL (you can get your Free Money Team URL
by clicking on "Refer&Promote")

4. As new members join under you, they will repeat the
steps above, thereby joining all these free money and traffic
programs under you.

join freemoneyteam

5. Your referrals under each of these programs will increase
and over time, you'll get more money due to higher payouts
for having more referrals.

6. Don't forget to visit the money programs you have signed
up yourself and earn the free money by doing the tasks required
in these programs everyday.

7. Choose a different traffic exchange each day found in the
"Get Free Traffic" listings to promote your Free Money Team
URL for about an hour and sign ups will appear under you.

join freemoneyteam