Wednesday, February 20, 2008

5 Step Process To Post On Your Blog

1. Write or Buy a unique article you have written for your blog and post it on
your blog.

2. Post the same article written into 5 article directories

3. Submit article to Digg, Reddit & Stumblupon

4. Broadcast your article to RSS directories

5. Broadcast your article to mailing list

So this is what you should be doing every time when you post a post on your
blog. It’s looks a lot of work to me, but as a lazy person I am. I got tools from
Atomic Blogging I was able to do most of the task with AUTOMATION!
That’s safes me a huge amount of time and effect needed. I came from a
programming and IT background for nearly 3 years of experience. Using what I
knew I was able to do these tasks faster and more effective daily.

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