Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I have made $27 on just first day of registering

Could you believe it? I am damn sure you couldnt.But my fellow dear this is true and obviously true.I have made this money on my first day of registering on A.W.$urveys .

I found this survey site from a blogger friend when dropping my credits to him.I was just regiestered with this site.After finishing my other surfing work I started to look on them.I found they have minimum $75 payout through paypal.I was just thinking $75 for payout is little high for my recent online work.I am working with some sites which have lower payout.But I went for their surveys.Mind it for everybody at the begining their have a welcome survey which worth $6.And it seriously took only 4 minutes.How ? Yes you should have query how anybody can pay as high as $ 6 in just 4 minutes.The survey was about reviewing of two sites.You have to click those sites and have to write short (3 sentence only) review about them.I think the most of the surveys pattern are same type, as I doing today.Total 5 survey other worths $4 each and one is $1 but this $1 survey is bumper entry tickets for April's Bumper Lottery cash of $500.

Then think how the interesting the site are....Now I can say $75 payout is not far to make.
A.W.$urveys .