Thursday, June 5, 2008

Earn Money by watching video clips

BuzzShed is a community of members who discover and share great videos, and make some money watching video advertising. As a member you can add videos to BuzzShed,then other members will rate your video using our Buzz or Bury rating system - creating buzz about the videos that really rock, and burying the rest. So if you're hunting for quality videos, have a look around BuzzShed. The more buzz a video gets the higher it appears on our browse pages, and the top videos are promoted to the front page for all visitors to see. And now for the twist! BuzzShed is more than just social bookmarking for videos. Some BuzzShed members are in fact advertisers that pay other members to watch their videos. That's right - as a member you'll get paid to watch videos!
Here is the link BuzzShed